• Assurance, accounting, tax and consulting services

  • Customized services to help you maintain your lifestyle and financial independence

  • Providing GIPS verification services for asset managers since 1998

  • Professional assistance with estate planning and distribution monitoring

Forward Thinking

Listen, question, analyze and anticipate. We endeavor to recognize and identify potential problems, implications and future scenarios before clients decide upon policies and a course of action. Like an experienced carpenter, we like to “measure twice and cut once”.

Trustworthy / Dependable

Virtually everyone claims they are trustworthy. We earn our clients’ trust through discretion, consistency and reliability. We do what we say we will do or tell you why we can’t.


Prior to establishing the CA practice, was responsible for accounting, tax, treasury, regulatory reporting and strategic planning. A Canadian pioneer in investment management performance measurement and reporting standards, in addition to offering a general practice to private clients.


Our professional work is characterized by comprehensive planning, conscientious application of professional judgment and pragmatic considerations. We adhere to regulatory and professional standards in both the accounting and portfolio management professions.